Represent the following sentence as an algebraic expression, where "a number" is theletter x. You do not need to simplify.7 is subtracted from seven times a number.​

Accepted Solution

Answer: This sentence translates to the algebraic expression, 7x - 7Step-by-step explanation:Subtracted from indicates the operation subtraction, so 7 being subtracted (or "taken away") from something is algebraically translated to s - 7 where s represents something. The directions outright says to substitute a number with the letter x.Time indicates the operation multiplication. We all know seven is 7 written in verbal form. So, 7x (which is a less messy and cluttered way to say x Β· 7) is "seven times a number" written as an algebraic expression.7x is the something 7 is subtracted from, so 7x - 7In conclusion, 7x - 7 is 7 is subtracted from seven times a number represented as an algebraic expression.