Rachel, Adam, Michelle, Hannah, and James are going to the movies. They have $65 to spend on tickets and snacks. Each movie ticket costs $9.50, and each snack item costs $4.50. How many snacks can they buy to split among them? This problem is modeled by the inequality 5(9.5) + 4.5x ? 65, which is equal to 47.5 + 4.5x ? 65. The first step in solving the inequality is to . The second step is to . The five friends will have to split snacks.

Accepted Solution

Steps to solve:47.5 + 4.5x ≀ 65~Subtract 47.5 to both sides4.5x ≀ 17.5~Divide 4.5 to both sidesx ≀ 3.8888888889...So, yes, the friends will have to share snacks.Best of Luck!