50 points. How do I find circumference? I don't need just the formula, I need the whole process, and maybe an example please and thank you <3. I'd appreciate if you didn't just copy and paste an answer just to answer the question and get points. That'd be horribly selfish. Please know that I have a test tomorrow that will decide if I get into High School, so please, no copy-pasting. Thank you guys!

Accepted Solution

I will do my best to explain.So first understand what circumference is it's the area around the circle similar to the perimeter of a square or the pizza on the crust.Now the formula for circumference is: C= [tex]2\pi r[/tex]So r is equal to our radius. Our radius is half of our diameter. Diameter is the distance from one edge of the circle to the other edge it also must cross the center. So if given the diameter just divide it by 2 and that's your radius.So an example problem would be:Johnny has an 18 inch pizza he wants to know the circumference/ the amount of crust his pizza has.So we know Johnny has an 18 inch pizza so 18 is our diameter but we need radius so we do 18/2 and get 9Now we will plug that into our formula: [tex]2\pi (9)\\[/tex]Which will give us: approx. 56.55So Johnny has about 56.55 inches of pizza crust.I also included a photo that has diameter, radius, and circumference. I really hopes this helps some.