The Importance Of Two Way Radios In Film Production

Shooting a film is a costly undertaking that involves many professionals. Even before, editing of clips and production can be done, the recording of clips in different settings can be quite a challenge, especially if there is no efficient way for everyone to communicate with the director and coordinators of different sections. Every actor, actress, cameramen, audio crew, special effects personnel, stuntmen and women, and every other member of cast and crew needs to communicate well with the director. While phones can be incredibly helpful in aiding communication, they can be cumbersome to use when you want to communicate with many people who are located in different locations. two way radios are better suited to handle the job.

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business walkie talkie

A business walkie talkie is easy to use because there are no phonebook contacts to scroll through and call whenever you need to communicate. Users only need to push a button and call out the name of the person they wish to communicate to. Since everyone can hear messages sent to different members of the team, there will be easy coordination. 

walkie talkies promote communication, but they do not offer any privacy because anyone with a radio can tune in to the same frequency and hear everything. Users also need to be trained on how to effectively use these radios because some people may speak into the radio without pressing the required button.

What are Two Way Radios?

These are small pocket radio devices that facilitate communication between two or more individuals who are tuned in to a particular frequency and operate not very far from each other. This could be within a multistory building or within a couple of kilometers when being used out in the open. There are two types of two way radios; VHF and UHF. Radios that operate on the very high frequency band (VHF) can be used within a multistory building where there are concrete floors and walls. However, they consume a lot of energy. These radios are often used by security teams, maintenance crews and other members of staff on multistory office buildings and shopping malls. UHF two way radios on the other hand, are used outdoors and consume less energy. They have a wider range and are perfect for film production when it's being done outdoors.

Two Way Radios

Two way radios get their name from the fact that users can both hear what the user on the other end is saying as well as speak. Unlike consumer radios, where users can only hear what is being said, these radios allow communication in two directions. They offer a cheap, effective and efficient way of communicating with numerous people within a given location. They do not require cellular networks or a monthly plans to work, so they can be used in remote locations without cellular coverage. Since they do not require monthly plans, they can save producers a lot of money. Users only need to charge their radios to ensure they can communicate efficiently. This can be done centrally by a member of the production team.